L’Oréal Hydra Genius Review

I cant rave about the L’Oreal hydra moisturiser enough!! Its really lightweight yet super moisturising. The secret behind it is that it contains more water than oil (unlike classic creams) meaning the skin absorbs it quickly and doesn’t leave the skin feeling tacky. So if like me you have oily skin (I feel your pain) then this would be perfect for you as its still important to moisturise your skin regularly but you probably want to steer clear of moisturisers that contain lots of oils as these will just make things worse.

It has a really strange texture for a moisturiser but I love it – it feels quite like a gel when you first pump it but when you apply it to the face it feels like water which is really refreshing.


L’Oreal have released a few different versions of the moisturiser to suit different skin types:

  • Dry & sensitive skin
  • Normal to combination skin (I use this one)
  • Normal to dry skin

After cleansing my skin each morning with micellar water I apply about 1 and a half pumps on to my finger tips and then dot it around my on my face and neck & then gently rub it into my skin using circular motions. The end result? A thin sheer layer of moisture that provides a healthy glowing complexion or a smooth surface to apply makeup to.

This is probably, no definitely, the best moisturiser I’ve ever used purely because I always look forward to putting it on as it doesn’t feel thick and heavy on my skin like other moisturisers I’ve used and it leaves my skin feeling super smooth.

SO BASICALLY, I just loveee it.

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