Poundworlds New Premium Stationery Range

If like me you are going to uni soon (eeek! So excited!) or you are just going back to school then you are probably going to need some new stationary. Stationery shopping was always the highlight of back to school for me because I find it so motivating having brand new pretty notebooks & folders etc.

But, of course, as students our budget is pretty minuscule – unless you are some rich kid, in which case lucky you! Therefore, I was over the moon when I found out Pound World (not Pound Land btw) had released their own new stationery range, which looked pretty amazing from their insta pics!!

So, I headed down to Pound World and managed to get a few really cute items which are perfect for back to school or starting uni, and they actually look as though they could be from a fancy stationery store like paper chase (but they are a FRACTION of the price!).

Folders (£2)

When I first saw the instagram post of Pound Worlds stationery range I was so impressed that they had got such amazing items for a Pound. However, the folders turned out to actually cost £2 which is a bit misleading as the store is called Pound World, but nether the less £2 is still a pretty good price for a folder that looks like it could have been made by Paperchase.

I picked up a grey marble folder, a pink one with a gold geometric design & a blue/turquoise one that had a gold Confetti design. I really love the marble one as it’s a bit more sophisticated but then I also love the other two as it’s nice to have a pop of colour to brighten everything up a bit.

Notepads (£1)

They have notepads that match the folders I mentioned above which I love because then you could have one design for each subject if you were doing 3 a-levels for example, or for the different modules in your university degree. Or just get a few of the same design and label them with your different subjects/modules.

The paper quality isn’t the best in the world but it’s good enough. It’s 70gsm which is thick enough so that you can’t see through it & is great for taking notes. Each notepad contains 100 pages.  Once again, I believe Pound World has designed these notepads really well because they look as though they cost way more than a pound and they are feature a cute quote making them appear like they are from Paperchase or a similar store.

Shopping List (£1)

This one isn’t really needed if you are going back to school, but is PERFECT for anyone going to uni. Pound World’s ‘Fresh out of…’ shopping list is split into several categories

  • Fruit
  • Dairy & chilled
  • Drinks
  • Vegetables
  • Meat & fish
  • Food cupboard
  • Pasta & rice (Basically what every student is going to be living in for the next 3 or so years, not that I’m complaining)
  • Household &a cleaning
  • Toiletries
  • Frozen
  • Bakery
  • Pet (doubt you will need this column tho)
  • Also

This shopping list will make life so much easier as you can just jot down what you need in the different sections so when you go to the supermarket you know what you need to pick up from each aisle.

I found a similar thing on Paperchase’s website but it costs 5X the price of the Pound World one & to be honest I think the Pound World one looks sooo much better!!

Memo Block (£1.50)

Personally, I think a memo block is a student necessity. I always have one on my desk in case I ever need to jot down something (which is very often), whether it’s: login details, due dates, plans wth friends, to do lists, etc etc…

This one from Pound World (although it costs £1.50) is really pretty as it has a blue and white geometric pattern on each of the papers and has metallic gold edges. It also contains a massive 300 sheets & each sheet is really thick (it’s feels more like thin card than paper) so it’s really good quality. What more could you want from a memo block!?

So basically, if you are a student and you are looking for some inexpensive yet cute stationery then head to Pound World & grab yourself some Paperchase looking items for some not so Paperchase prices!

6 thoughts on “Poundworlds New Premium Stationery Range

  1. Definitely would recommend your to become a blogger, such a big fan of your page & you’ll definitely need to do my pages.. congrats for getting into uni☺️.. I think personally we’ll be good at being a nurse in mental health

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  2. Thank you so much for this post! I picked up pretty much every item you hauled. I gave the Shopping List to my sister though, so she is using it in her house.
    I really love this stationery and I think I will do a post on it on my blog soon!

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