Free Student Cook Book

Hey! I have collected 5 recipes from the web and put them together in a nice little Student Cook Book as all the recipes are perfect to make at Uni. I originally made this for myself as I wanted a little booklet with a few go to recipes so that I didn’t have to scavenge the internet every time I wanted some food; but I’ve decided to share it on here for any other students. Also, I’m sure it will make your parents feel a lot happier knowing you have some ‘proper food’ recipes and wont just be living on takeways for the next 3/4 years (like we could afford that anyways!). Some of the recipes do contain various spices so you could either make sure you buy them before going to uni or just choose not to include them when you make these dishes. You can print the booklet out if you like, or just download it on to your phone/tablet so you have easy access to it. Top tip: if you download it you will be less likely to lose it seeing as you are probs glued to your phone 24/7.

Here is the link to the student cook book (pdf)…

Student Cook Book

I hope you find this little student cook book useful! I’m thinking about making another one for lighter meals (e.g pasta’s etc) and one for easy desserts – let me know in the comments below if you would like me to do that x

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